Eco-Rich Farms Fish Products

Locally Raised Tilapia

At Eco-Rich Farms, our aquaponic system yields mature tilapia on a quarterly basis. Locally raised tilapia is a hard-to-find commodity, indeed, and demand for it is quite high.
We yield two hundred to five hundred pounds of tilapia at each harvest. Our mature fish are in excess of two pounds each.
We sell our tilapia both whole and filleted.

Call for our harvest schedule.

Eco-Rich Farms Tilapia

Whole Tilapia

Available quarterly. The whole tilapia advantage is reduced labor on our part, meaning reduced cost on your part. Our mature Tilapia generally weigh-in over two pounds. Call for availability.

Tilapia Fillet

Available quarterly. Our mature Tilapia typically will weigh-in around two pounds each. We fillet our fish on premises, meeting or exceeding all state and federal regulations. Call for availability.